About Us

Applause Computers Limited is a private limited liability company providing computer and network support services to businesses, institutions, organisations, governmental agencies, and individuals throughout West Africa.

We are a Nigeria based IT support company offering professional IT services to organisations  and businesses. We can manage all your IT needs or just provide you with support when you need it. Our comprehensive service takes care of you and ensures that you have the IT network infrastructure you need within the your budget.

Best in Computer Support & Training

custWe are the leading provider of Technical Support, Web Development Services, IT Training, Business and Project Management, and e-Procurement Consulting. We offer IT infrastructure and operations management services, application hosting, security assessment, systems integration, training and consulting, as well as the procurement of hardware and software for your business. Whatever the need, Applause Computers can customize a solution that will fit.

Web Development & Corporate Re-branding

As well as websites and IT support, we can also provide full Print Designabout services. Whether this is for standard office stationery such as business cards, letterheads or compliment slips, or for a corporate brochure or display stand, Applause Computers can build you a brand image to be proud of.

Our Team

First line support team– most simple problems can be fixed over the phone by the first line support team.

Remote support engineers – the next tier of support, remote engineers deal with the more complex problems. We have remote access to every machine on your network.

Onsite engineers – our team of fully qualified onsite engineers deals with all types of hardware and software related problems. Our on-site engineers can also provide cover for IT managers.

Project managers – our team of senior technical engineers is in charge of implementing our portfolio of custom solutions such as on-site network consultancy, server installation or office moves.

Web Development Team – professional web developers come together in a brilliant assembly of various web development skills, across different web platforms and infrastructure.

Trainers – Qualified trainers on different fields of Information Technology provide personalized training and guidance in IT career building.applause_computers_about

Administration department – our administration department ensures our customers are kept updated of ongoing work at all times. A sales team within the administration department sources hardware and software for our clients.

Accounts department – our accounts department prides itself on consistent and accurate accounting.

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