Your Computer is Doomed! – PC Maintenance Misconceptions to Avoid

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tech_applauseYour computer is likely one of your most important possessions even when you don’t realize how much you depend on it until it malfunctions. Whether you use it for work or for play, from time to time, you will find yourself looking for someone to repair your computer. The frequency of such visits to the local computer repair shop can be drastically reduced if you take certain easy precautions.

A computer breakdown can be a devastating experience, especially if you lack the understanding or skills needed to fix the problem. If you are well-informed about computers, these issues will not seem too daunting to address. The problem is that too many people, even seemingly experienced computer users (the I’ve-been-using-computers-since-1995 type) hold misleading ideas about good computer maintenance practices.

I know some people have favorite misconceptions that they cling to. Be it ‘Drinking Beer Causes Belly Fat’ or ‘Bats are Blind’ or ‘Drinking Alcohol Will Keep You Warm’, or perhaps that fresh misconception forming in your brain right now that ‘this author must be a tippler’, misconceptions are generally hard to change. To guide you on this whole computer maintenance business, I’ve put together a few misconceptions you must abandon if you are to make the best use of your computer. Read More